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Contracting in 10 minutes - online

Reliable service with 10 years of experience, satisfied customers, and moneyback guarantee

Our office is open from 09:00 - 16:00 on weekdays.

Why choose us?

We know that our customers' time is one of the most important things.
However, a business involves a lot of administrative work. Our goal is to be able to help our partners with their administration without unnecessary paperwork.

We support contactless and fast online administration, so we are providing our partners Customer portal and Online contracting system.
Our experience is that a good quality service cannot be provided below a certain price level.
We believe in predictability, so our packages are clear, transparent and fixed-priced.
Thanks to our professional service, our customers are extremely satisfied with us.

Contracting in 10 minutes - Online

Online contracting without unnecessary paperwork, with credit card payment option, in 10 minutes.

Customer Portal

Access to your letters, manage your subscription anytime, anywhere with the help of our Customer Portal.

Easy accessibility

Downtown headquarter - easily accessible by car and public transport.

Money back guarantee

Would you like to terminate your contract prematurely? The remaining monthly fees will be refunded without any question.

Fast, flexible administration

You do not have to wait for days, all inquiries will be handled within 1-2 hours during opening hours.

Contracting in English

All of our documents are available in English for our foreign clients.

Virtual Office BASIC

  11 € / mo
  • virtual office address
  • displaying company name
  • receive and collect incoming mails
  • notification by email

Virtual Office PRO

  16 € / mo
  • virtual office address
  • displaying company name
  • receive and collect incoming mails
  • notification by email
  • scanning incoming letters
  • forwarding letters (1x/mo)
  • use of the meeting room

Virtual Office - CUSTOM

from  4€  
  • virtual office address + displaying company name - 4 € / mo
  • Receiving of normal (regular) mails - 3 € / mo
  • Receiving of registered mails - 4 € / mo
  • Unlimited scanning of letters - 3 € / mo
  • Forwarding shipments by post once a month (in SR) - 3 € / mo

Online contracting in 10 minutes


Provide contractual information

Enter company details, contacts and all the owners and representatives.


Service fee payment

By credit card or bank transfer.


Upload documents

Uploading the contract and the documents of the owners and representatives.

Set up my CUSTOM virtual office package

Based on the information provided, our staff will prepare and send you a contract by email.

Take care of everything online on our Customer Portal!

Access to your company's letters and documents at any time, manage your subscription.

All letters are online

View and resend all of the letters received by your company.

Contractual documents

Download your contract and delivery agent document.

Subscription management

View subscription expiration, credit card payment option.

Checking data

View contact details and other information, submit change requests.

  • Cost-effective - the virtual office service is ideal for companies that are not worth maintaining an own office.
  • Less administration - trust us with your letters and forget to go to the post office. We take over everything and scan for you.
  • High-quality address - easy to reach, our downtown headquarters address is an advantage in business life.
  • Meeting Room - with our premium service, we provide our meeting room for you, you can arrange your business meetings in our modern office environment.
  • No restrictions - if you no longer need our services, we will refund your unused months’ service fee without any question.
  • Favorable business environment in Budapest - due to the large number of companies, the risk of tax control is lower.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our pricing policy is serving the safety of our clients. Our company is aiming to sustain a long-term operation. In our experience, we have found that long-term stability and flexible administration are the quality service our dedicated customers are looking for.

True. Our experience shows that quality virtual office service provides long-term cooperation with our partners, thus we do not need to impose sanctions on our customers. The virtual office service contract can be terminated at any time, and the monthly fee is refunded without question.

No. The basic fee of our virtual office service includes the services specified in the package. In addition, if you wish to have an extra service, we will always inform you about how much it would cost.

Upon arrival of a new mail, our customers will be notified on the same day at the e-mail address they provided.

In case of personal pick up, our office is open from 9 a.m. until 4:00. p.m. during which you (or an even an authorized person) can pick up your mail. In case of our Premium package we forward all the letters by the end of the month to a provided address.

If you receive a shipment that is usually time-bound (eg tax office), it is indicated by our colleagues. If you consent to opening the mail, it will be scanned and sent by email to make sure you have all the information on time.

Contact form

If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact us!


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